Todays Dirac Live calibration was completed remotely for a customer in America. His awesome home theater system consists of an AudioControl X9 Processor with a McIntosh multi channel power amplifier, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond D4 speakers, JL Audio  F110 subwoofers and more toys.

I followed my usual calibration process of getting music right first and then cinema sound second. The customer now has his system firing on all cylinders to enjoy the 2023 superbowl tonight 😎

Customers Comments

Hi Terry,

Good evening, I’ve had the chance to listen to my system all week and continue to be amazed at the difference your calibration made over my previous one. I believe your approach of dialing in the 2-ch sound stage first made a huge difference. Then how you tailored the Dirac filter design to my components took it to the next level. The fact you were able to achieve such results remotely still blows my mind. I also really appreciate all the tips & tricks you showed me along the way. You can definitely count me as one of your extremely satisfied customers. Can’t thank you enough!