I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customer based India, their system featured a miniDSP DDRC 24 which was the processor for Dirac.  The rest of the system was an iFi audio streamer, Marantz amplifier, ATC SCM11 speakers with dual SVS 1000 pro subwoofers

I started the calibration using Dirac measurements to correctly set the phase for the subwoofers and the pre calibration level, this was all different to what the customer had set.   We then took a correct set of measurements and I dialled in a system sound I thought the customer would like based on what he told me and how the system measured on the room.

This was tweaked several times to offer alternative sounds but the customer preferred my initial calibration sound, but I could tell he wasn’t 100% and I thought he needed more listening time.

We had a second calibration sessions a few days later and the customer asked for the higher frequencies to be reduced some and that tweak made all the difference for him and his systems sound. 

Customers Comments