I online remote calibrated Dirac Live within an NAD M33 stereo receiver amplifier powering KEF Reference 3 speakers for a customer in the Netherlands.

dirac live calibration nad m33 kef reference speakers website 3

This was a great calibration for me because I know the speakers so well having owned them myself for several years and having calibrated an M33 before for the famous HiFi reviewer John Darko from Darko Audio.

dirac live calibration nad m33 kef reference speakers website 2

I worked with the customer through the measurement process, then remotely controlled Dirac on his computer and we worked through a series of calibration  adjustments to find the customer preferred sound and I then tweaked things as much as possible to try and maximise the systems sound as much as I could.

Customers Comments

I can truly recommend Terry’s skills. I was using a McIntosh system with magnepans and switched to kef reference 3 speakers. Sounded horrible. Way too much bass and a blurred sound. But I heard something about the kefs I liked. So I bought an NAD M33 and used dirac to compensate for the room. It sounded much better but I lost some “soul”, everything sounded very clinical.

A search at the internet led me to Terry. And this is where the magic started. Terry can guide you through the process of a thorough but not overdone measurement of your room and from that point the tweaking starts. He truly understands how sound and emotion interact. The result is absolutely superb.

Now I can listen for hours and still enjoy a high definition sound with exact placement of instruments.
Truly remarkable, and highly recommended!