I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customer based in Switzerland, his system comprised of an Arcam AV20 with an Emotiva power amplifier driving his front three KEF speakers.  He has upfiring Atmos KEF speakers situated on top of the fronts, the M&K Sound rear speakers with an Arendal subwoofer.

I worked through the calibration using my tried and tested work flow, checking all the system settings and making changes to optimise things for the system configuration.  I then worked through the calibration process of specific measuring, building the full system sound profile with Dirac Live and then tuning and optimising the system sound for two channel music.  I then used this to build the systems overall sound for movies and multi channel sound paying particular attention to the overall systems time alignment and balance.  The customer commented that the system now sounded amazing to him and it was the first time he was properly hearing it.

Customers Comments