I worked with John Darko from Darko Audio to calibrate Dirac remotely as part of his review of the Dynaudio Focus 30 streaming active speakers, the first HiFi speakers to feature Dirac.

I have worked with John several times before and I know him well now.  Working for him is totally different to a normal customer because John is looking to learn about how Dirac works with the product and what can be done with it, rather than trying to find an optimum sound for him to enjoy listening for the long term.

I always give John a few different sound options based on the system he has, in this instance the Focus 30 speakers measured fantastic as a starting point so I really had a lot of options available to me.  We kept it simple and created a few different sound profiles with mostly subtle differences, but these differences make a big difference in practice.

Its always fun to work with John.

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