I completed a calibration for a customer in Yorkshire. His stunning home theatre system with an Arcam AV41 processor, Nord Acoustics amplifiers Monitor Audio speakers and XTZ subwoofers, also with a custom made Hover Bass system (first one ever seen) Sony Laser projector calibrated with a Lumagen video processor and more toys still. Its a 9.3.4 system a pretty epic home cinema system in a bat cave dedicated room.

This is a customer whom I calibrated his system about 18 months ago. He recently upgraded everything to better performing components and had done some Dirac calibration work himself but was struggling to find the sound he had previously with my last calibration.

I am now a much better calibrator than even 18 months ago and I harnessed the power of Dirac Bass Control Multi sub to create a two channel sound (speakers and subs) that was unbelievably good for an AV system. I think it would shock a lot of HiFi audiophiles that good, amazingly good two channel sound.

I then used what I learnt here to create one of the best sounding home cinema systems I have heard, full stop. The clarity the detail the physicality and scale of the sound track all delivered with grace and smoothness. I am super proud of this calibration 😎

If your interested in what a Hover Bass is, its a deep bass shaker type of system that adds physicality to your movies without having to run the subs overly loud – keeps the neighbours happy…. happier 😆

Customers Comments

“Hi Terry
Thanks again for today, you have done your magic and I am over the moon. My system just sounds amazing and the soundstage is just there in front of me when it was not before”