I completed a remote Dirac Live calibration for a customer in the Chicago. His awesome 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos home theatre system comprised of an Arcam AV41 processor and Arcam amplification with Bowers & Wilkins and SVS speakers and subwoofer and lots of other toys. I love the ceiling acoustic treatment design in this room

This was quite a troublesome calibration with a lot of issues to overcome from a pure bad luck technical point of view, loss of internet for me for several days, computer and cable issues for the customer. The calibration took 4 sessions to complete as a result, but the patience was of course worth it.

I worked through my usual custom calibration process focusing on music first and movies second. I was able to very quickly find a balance to systems sound with Dirac the customer really liked for music. I then fine tuned the sound to bring into balance the full speaker set for movies and multi channel music.

The customer is doing his final longer term testing but he seemed very happy to finally be there with the systems sound

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