I calibrated Dirac Live calibrations for three Arcam AVR based systems for a customer in London.

System one is a dedicated cinema room with an Arcam AV40 processor and Arcam amplification, KEF in wall speakers and dual SVS PB16 subwoofers.

System two is an Arcam AVR30 with twin Classe monoblock amplifiers for the left and right channels powering Bowers and Wilkins 801, with the matching centre speaker and 805 surrounds and dual 212 REL subwoofers.

System three is a games room with an AVR30 in-wall and in-ceiling KEF Ci speakers

To complete three calibrations in a day is a serious task, especially when there is a lot of chatting to the customer and his family, an essential part of any calibration. I was onsite from about 10.30am until about 11.30pm so a very long day.

The biggest “win” for me from the day was the calibration I completed on the big Bowers and REL system.  This is in a large open plan living, dining and kitchen area with all hard surfaces, tiled floor, glass all down one side of the room.  This is a big system that sounded huge in the room but due to the acoustics sounded quite disjointed and shouty.  With the calibration I was able to manage the sound for a nicer, smoother and richer overall sound, with better integrated subwoofers but also I was able to bring cohesion to the system sound, so much greater improved clarity, control and organisation.

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