I completed three Dirac Live calibrations for three different home theatre systems for one customer in Lincolnshire.

His main system as shown in the photos uses an Arcam  AV860 processor with NAD power amplifier and a mixture of Dutch & Dutch, M&K Sound speakers with an SVS subwoofer. This is combined with other toys like a Roon Labs server an SME turntable and 77″ #OLED.

The other two systems one was Arcam AVR550 with KEF speakers and Bowers subwoofer, the final system was an NAD T778 with a mis of Elac and KEF speakers, Velodyne subwoofer

Three totally different systems in totally different rooms, with the main system having quite a unique seating arrangement.  This system required some calibration trickery to make the the main seat sound great, without the other seats suffering.

The other two systems were a little more traditional in their setup so the calibration was about maximising their sound in my usual fashion.

Customers Comments

Hi Terry,

Hope you are keeping well and had a safe journey home last week!

Just wanted to thank you again for a great job on all the systems, had the chance to listen to the main system over the weekend and its so much more balanced and ’together’ sounding. The bedroom system is sounding better than ever too, not had a chance to listen to the NAD system yet but I am sure that’s better too.

Well worth asking you to calibrate them and would recommend to anyone!