I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customers awesome Dolby Atmos Home Cinema system with Lexicon AV Receiver feeding into Monoprice speakers with four subwoofers GIK Acoustics room treatments and lots of other toys 

lexicon dirac live calibration america website 2

The customer asked me to calibrate his system predominantly for home cinema and TV sound, he had been trying to calibrate the system himself but had been struggling to get a sound he was happy with. 

As this was an online calibration it started as a team effort, me instructing the customer how to take a good set of measurements, where to place the microphone etc.  I then remotely controlled Dirac through the rest of the calibration process.

lexicon dirac live calibration america website 1

Once a calibration file was uploaded really the more important stage is dialling in the system sound and I talked the customer through what to do, what to listen for and then what to adjust.  This allowed him balance the whole systems sound, the bass levels and more to his taste and requirements.   This does take some time so the customer has as much time as he needs to listen and let me know if he wants anything adjusting. 

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